What happened to the Forum I hear you ask?

Well as you may have noticed, a lot of Forums have become very quiet over the last year or two in favour of Facebook and the like, so much so, that the traffic to the old Forum pretty much stopped!

In light of this we have created this new Blog to keep all of our news items and events for those who don’t have Facebook. (yes there are some out there!)

What’s new?

This year we are hoping to get along to more shows as a club and host a couple of events ourselves (Other than the regular monthly meeting!) in the form of BBQ’s and drive outs.

What can I do?

Well you can help us out with suggestions for events and monthly meet locations. We have a few locations at the moment, but they are not always great, and the weather does hamper a good meet when it is a bit rainy, so please let us know either on Facebook, or you can email us here: Dubscene.Admin@dubscene.co.uk

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